1. When an order is placed directly to a Chinese supplier, is it possible to print our logo on the product and packaging?
Yes, if the order is placed directly to the factory, you can have the brand itself.

2. Is it possible to or order any quantity of products from China?
Yes, you can order small quantities. Even if your order does not occupy a container, it can be sent in a partial load container. It is also possible to transport goods from 3 to 4 different suppliers in the same container.

3. How to avoid risks by placing orders at a distance?
There are two ways to minimize possible risks: traveling to China and visiting suppliers and their production sites, controlling by yourself the entire sequence of production and inspecting the order; or to cooperate with a sales representative as most of the major European and American companies do.

4. Goods imported from China present problems. What to do?
This is another of the advantages of working with a sales representative: the main task of representatives is to solve problems that may arise between the buyer company and its suppliers. If you choose to do without the services of a sales representative, it is best to travel to China and solve problems on site, or return damaged goods and request the deployment of new products.

5. Are Chinese products of low quality?
It is possible to buy Chinese products of all qualities. In fact, many of the major European and American companies buy products made in China. Most of the products are presented with 2 to 3 types of quality. The differences are reflected in the price.

6. When purchasing from Chinese suppliers, how can we ensure the expected quality with the best conditions?
The most accurate way is to send a sample and / or the product specifications for manufacturers and ask them to reproduce it the in the same way. If you have problems in finding a manufacturer or communicating with him, the best option is to request the services of a sales representative.

7. How do large companies that buy Chinese products ensure the constancy of quality?
Most of these companies have sales representatives. Additionally, these companies send to China their quality control teams to ensure everything goes as planned. Thus, it is possible for them to ensure constant quality of their products and market them worldwide.

8. When importing Chinese products is necessary to travel frequently to the country?
When you have a reliable team on the ground, it is not at all necessary to travel frequently to the country. That team will do all the monitoring work for the company it represents. Once again, cooperation with a sales representative is essential so that all goes well in the first orders.

9. We do not speak Chinese. How do we do when we get to China?
Upon request, our company can handle all travel arrangements, from arrival to departure: hotel reservations, airline tickets, translators, etc.

10. Since we purchase from different manufacturers in China – and it is necessary to make several advanced payments – is it possible to make the whole importing process over a single company?
Yes, it is possible. Even though you buy from different suppliers, you can make all the imports from a single company in China. Our company offers this service.

11. What is the advantage of making the whole process of importing over a single company?
First of all, you will save the amount of the high fees associated with bank transfers to the various suppliers. Second, our company will sign contracts with your suppliers in accordance with Chinese law - in case of dispute, it will be easier to defend your position. In addition, you will save on commissions of the various letters of credit for each supplier since you will only need to issue a letter of credit to the exporting company.

12. Is it easy to contact manufacturers in China?
Not always. However, our company can establish these contacts. Through our outsourcing department, we can easily get in touch with manufacturers and obtain all the necessary information and quotes. When prompted, it is also possible to schedule meetings between the acquiring company and manufacturers.





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